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How to disable Apple Music subscription on iPhone

As you know, the use of Apple Music subscription implies automatic renewal without additional notification to the user and, accordingly, charging the user’s account in advance for providing the features. Only the person who ordered the service can and should ensure that it is suspended or cancelled and thus prohibit the transfer of money for further use of the service, if it is not planned. Let’s see how to do this using only an iPhone.

Before proceeding to one of the following instructions, keep in mind that the final effect will depend on the type of Apple Music subscription you are canceling. If you sign up for and deactivate a free trial, the service’s features will immediately become inaccessible. If you cancel your paid subscription, the features provided by the system will remain available until the end date of the period for which the funds have already been transferred.

Method 1: Music Program

The easiest method to gain access to managing your Apple Music subscription is to use the tools provided in the iOS service’s affiliated Music program.

Open the Music program and click the “For You” tab from the panel at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the avatar to the right of the “For You” section name – this will open the “Account” list of options in front of you. Click on “Manage Subscription” here.

On the next screen, you can view information about your current subscription and change its type – for example, from “Individual” to “Family” or vice versa. When you finally decide to stop using Apple Music, tap Unsubscribe at the bottom of the screen. Confirm your intentions by tapping “CONFIRM” under the program prompt that appears, and then wait a moment.

This completes the unsubscription operation in the Apple Music service, and you can verify its effectiveness by seeing the “Canceled” or “Expires: DATE” mark that appears under the service name, depending on the service access option (free/paid) you are using. Double-tap “Done” at the top of the screen on the right, and then you can close the Music app or continue using it.

Apple Music on iPhone – unsubscribing from Music is done successfully

Method 2: App Store

Since Apple Music, if you view it as a payment resource, is no different from any other service available on iPhone, you can solve the problem described in the article’s title by using, among other things, the App Store tool for managing all the subscriptions used by your current Apple ID.

Open up App Store. While in any of the three sections of the App Store – “Today”, “Games”, or “Apps” – tap on your photo, which is located at the top of the screen on the right.

In the list of Account options and options, tap Manage Subscriptions. Next, in the “ACTIONS” category, tap the name “Apple Music Subscription”.

Tap “Cancel Subscription” to complete the operation to cancel the automatic withdrawal of funds for using the music service from the payment facility linked to your Apple ID.

Confirm the need to unsubscribe from Apple Music by tapping the appropriate button below the displayed program request, after which unsubscription will be initiated.

Method 3: iOS settings

Another way to unsubscribe from Apple Music goes through the iOS Settings and ends up in the Apple ID management section, to which the extended access to the music service is assigned. This method is the most universal, although not the fastest.

Open iOS Settings and then tap on the name assigned to your ID in the Apple ecosystem – the first item on the screen that opens.

iOS Settings – go to the Apple ID section

Next, go to the “iTunes Store and App Store” options section. Tap on the name of the option “Apple ID: e-mail” at the top, select “View Apple ID” in the list that opens.

If necessary, confirm the right to access your account by entering your Apple ID password and tapping “Login” in the box with that request. Scroll through the Account screen that appears, locate “Subscriptions” and tap it.

In the ACTIONS category, select “Apple Music Subscription. At the bottom of the screen with information about the service, click “Unsubscribe.

Next, just “Confirm” your intention to unsubscribe from the music service, wait for a couple of seconds, and make sure that the operation was successful – one of two marks should appear under the name “Subscription to Apple Music”: “Ended: DATE” or “Cancelled: DATE”.

Thus, for iPhone users, it shouldn’t be difficult to stop using the features provided by Apple Music service and stop paying for them – the subscription can be cancelled by a simple manipulation and very quickly.

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