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What is stripper music

Music in strip plastique inspires the performer to express their feelings through dance, and individuality is very important in dance. Our blog already has an article about the peculiarities of strip plastique.  And now let’s discover the secrets of the correct choice of music for strip plastique classes.

The relationship between dance and music.

When we learn choreography in class, we start dancing to the score and only then to the music. In principle, any movement, you can always do without music. But for many, such a “dance” will be incomplete. You’ve probably noticed that if in the process of working on elements of dance to include music, all the movements immediately become smooth, graceful and more interconnected. And if you dance without music, anyway in the head will be spinning favorite or familiar to you tracks that will set a certain rhythm to all your movements in the dance. We have already talked about musicality in dance by the example of fiery salsa.

The music changes – the dance changes.

With the course of time and the development of the direction the character of music changes, and hence the dance, namely its rate and energy. For example, if we take the origins of the classic strip plastique, about 10 years ago it was performed under the slower songs, often explicitly sexual and feminine character. In addition, usually the dance was performed in a flat rhythmic pattern (“figure of eight”), without paying close attention to the features of music and its accents. Now the boundaries of possible music for stripping are becoming erased, especially with regard to frame-up, so for strip plastique tracks from different musical genres are suitable: hip-pop, pop music, dance-pop and others. In general, the musicality of strip plastique has become an order of magnitude higher.

stripper music

Music for Strip Plastic and Frame Up Strip

How much different is the music for strip plastics classes from the music for frame up? This is a complicated question, as the boundaries between these areas are difficult to establish. Modern strip is performed with completely different music, it all depends on the image in the dance that you want to express the language of movement. Many people under the strip plastique still mean a more sexy and feminine dance, compared to other styles, so the songs are chosen accordingly. And if you start from the “sources” frame-up, it was originally conceived as a more musical (compared to the “classic” strip plastique) direction. Every accent in the music is important here. In today’s world there is no clear division – everyone dances to the music of a wide variety of genres. And the name of the dance: “strip plastique”, “strip”, “strip dance”, “frame up” – depends on the teacher or dance studio.

What does the choice of music depend on?

Of course, the choice of music is determined by the taste of the performer and this applies to all dance styles, not only strip plastique. For example, the choreographers in different dance studios during the classes put on the same track, because it is interesting musically or it is popular enough. Experienced dancers, for example, more working through the accents, so often choose difficult musical compositions.

Tips for choosing tracks for strip plastique

If you just start to learn strip plastique, put slow, lyrical songs. Under such music it is easier to work through the movements, catch the nuances in the dance and avoid critical errors. Dancing quickly and technically is a skill you have yet to develop.

Experienced dancers, we advise you to choose the music you like, experiment and not be afraid to try new things.

Music, like dancing, should bring only pleasure. Dance only to your favorite tracks!

What does strip dancing mean?

Strip dancing is the act of removing clothing in a sexually suggestive or erotic manner. It often includes dancing, striptease, and pole dancing.

Whats The Stripper music called?

The Stripper is a 1962 instrumental composed by David Rose.

Why is it called stripping?

The term “stripping” is most likely derived from the stripping of paint from a surface. The paint is removed by using a tool or a method that scratches the surface. This leaves the surface with a clean look.

Is cherry pie a stripper song?

There is no definitive answer to this question. While some people may consider cherry pie to be a stripper song, others may not. The song itself is not explicitly about strippers, but it could be interpreted in that way. Ultimately, it is up to the individual listener to decide what they believe the song is about.

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